Enoch was born at a very young age. Some say he was born old, but no one knows for sure. What everyone agrees on is that he seems to have had a particular affinity for old things, especially if said things hail from the British Isles. He was actually disappointed to find that England, like much of the old world, has been modernized. Apparently, Europe wants satellite television too. Thus he is said to content himself with listening to old music and watching period pieces from the BBC.

There is documentation confirming his enjoyment of alliteration, bacon, the warm sound of analogue, loose leaf teas, pen nibs, Claussen dill pickles, bow ties, science fiction, and rhymes (or rimes, in its unadulterated, pre-17th-century spelling, before the hy was added because of the spelling of rhythm).

Reported sightings place him in rural Kentucky with his wife Celia and son Alec, where he finished laboring over his dissertation like a cloistered monk in 2012. Local legend holds that when he emerges from the confines of his home in search of human contact, if he is startled by his own shadow, gasoline prices will continue to rise for a further six weeks.



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