The Beginning: in which we begin a weblog about music and somehow reach the British Commonwealth

The Union Jack with a white border.

I don’t anticipate this blog to generate a great deal of traffic. After all, music theory is not a particularly popular topic—even, or perhaps especially, among musicians. Actually, I hope to treat any music topic in a more conversational, less sterile way. And what better way to talk about music than with a song…

This is where I’d provide a little song and dance number, but I’m not that organized yet.  Nor am I particularly good at the Charleston, which, though hardly in vogue at present, is the dance I had in mind.  This comforts me no small amount, since it is likely that anyone reading this (yes, all three of you) is no good at the Charleston either.

If you want the surface-scratch treatment of music theory that the great fountainhead of all human knowledge, Wikipedia, provides then go here.  Wasn’t that easy? Now you’ll never have to come back to this blog ever again.

For those still reading (yes, the one of you), I’ll say that I intend for my future posts to reflect on music, aesthetics, literature, faith, culture, pedagogy, and the occasional non sequitur.

As proof, I will leave you with this thought: “Perhaps the United States ought to rejoin the British Commonwealth.” Oh, perhaps I’ll make this into my first irrelevant poll that will trick people into thinking their voices are being heard!

Edit: The WordPress proofreader has just informed me that the words anticipate, provide, and actualare considered “complex expressions”; it suggests I use smaller words. I hope you realize the faith I have in you, my one reader, by ignoring said proofreader.


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